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    Dace Strausa: Silkkitie

    Galleria Espoonsilta



     "The artist Dace Strausa has been living in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku for more than two years now and has become well acquainted with the local culture and people. The country is situated at the crossroads of the oldest civilizations of the world: here the Western Asia meets the Middle East, the Persian Gulf region on the one side meets the Caucasus and the Great Eurasian Steppe on the other.


    The sun-drenched Azerbaijan is rich with the most ancient of horse-breeding traditions. According to historical data, this was the birthplace of the first documented culture breed in the history of mankind. This is where the Nisean horse breed originated and branched out to give rise to the Akhalteke, Karabagh and later also Arabian horse breeds. This way the blood of Nisean horses contributed to the culture horse-breeding of the world. 


    The Nisean horses were also important companions of the magi - the keepers of ancient knowledge of the Nisean Valley in the heart of Media. The magi were priests of the cult worshipping the Sun and the Light, and their cult horses needed to possess characteristics reminiscent of the Sun. With the silky manes and golden shine, the Karabagh horses were just that. 


    Over time, these horses had grown to be so valuable that they were the object of desire of the Chinese who were trading along the Silk Road. They offered the highly treasured silk in exchange for these beautiful golden horses.


    The artist has had the chance to get to know these horses, whose magic has been enthralling many generations before her. She has been thoroughly impressed by their beauty and golden shine. They were the object and focus of attention of her latest exhibit in Baku, The State Museum Center, which took place in May-June of this year. The Karabagh horses continue to leave the artist partial to their graceful appearance with the silky shimmer and seamlessly flowing lines. The magic within them has enchanted the artist, who in her works carries on this virtually brilliant cultural legacy of mankind.


    The exhibition will also present original batiks, traditional Azerbaijan and hand-painted natural silk scarves created by the famous Azerbaijani artist Inna Kostina."