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    Michaela Berning-Tournier & Wolfgang Blockus

    Galleria Espoonsilta

    Saksalainen taiteilijapari Lybeckista esittäytyy teoksillaan ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa, Galleria Espoonsillassa. Heillä on takanaan jo useita näyttelyitä niin kotimaassaan kuin ulkomailla. Michaelan akvarellimaalausten lähtökohta on muotokuva ja Wolfgang saa innoituksensa luonnosta.

    Michaela Berning-Tournier

    A face is more than a picture

    It is impossible to get away from the human face. Whenever one meets a human the first glance usually meets the face that one tries to decipher. For an artist the process of unraveling a face is done by painting. What you actually see in a person is not what the artist wants to make visible. The face that has become an image must be understood as the interface of different function. What is popularly called the image of man, that is, what one believes to see, is in reality much less than the visible. Producing the truly visible is the essential task of the portrait. The eye of the artist lifts out of the much-glittering, fragmentary network the purly optical symbol. The painted portrait becomes a metaphor in which that what fascinates us is created by double meaning of the portrait – The authenticity of the face as well as the masquerade. The transition from normal to whimsical becomes fluid. The result is a portrait gallery that is both – frightening and amusing. Joke and the grotesque are closely connected.

    Wolfgang Blockus

    Landscape – Real Emotion
    An artistic essence

    Of course Wolfgang Blockus uses nature as he sees it as an impulse for his paintings. However, unlike the common belief, he does not spontaneously paint exactly what he saw. A lot of things happen in his head before he even starts painting. The impression of the previously seen landscape burns itself into his mind and develops from there. In the process, the landscape he saw intertwines with the emotional experience. The picture is being “distilled” and cleared of anything unnecessary. Through this, a sort of essence is created, or you could say the very idea of the landscape on which the foundations of the picture are based on. Only then, when the painting has developed this far in his head – a process that can take several weeks – does the artist Wolfgang Blockus start artistically constructing his landscape on canvas.

    Michaela Berning-Tournier: Fury(vas.) ja Mafia                                      Wolfgang Blockus: Pilvinen